This new redesign marks the 5th iteration of my website. This post is a look back at what my starting point looked like and what I’ve learned from each change.


This was my first attempt at creating a website. Largely influenced by an agency website (can’t find the link) that displayed their work through the horizontal scroll, I set out to make something that seemed different.

portfolio 1

I remember getting the layout “right” was a major accomplishment. The color palette was horrible and the pictures of my work were taken from an old android phone.

What this did for me was show me that I could make something, even if it wasn’t perfect.


Minimalistic design has always fascinated me and having just discovered the concept of “Responsive Web Design” I wanted to try and make something that would implement both. The result was a not-so-subtle integration of both of those concepts.

portfolio 2

portfolio 2b

What is important to note about this version is that I successfully created a responsive website for the first time even if it was one of the easiest RWD patterns to implement.


The third iteration was a little more traditional in that it had a vertical scroll and that it had a navigation bar in the header. I was able to add a little javascript to fade in and out people’s recommendations of me.

portfolio 3

portfolio 3b

This was the first time I used the psuedo element nth-child() to change the colors of the even numbered items in the list of projects.


I went with a bigger font size to provide what I felt was an easier reading experience. I kept the amount of fonts to 1 and the work archive page was very much inspired by The Great Discontent’s archive page. The massive font size and subtle color change from one item to the next really made an impact.

portfolio 4

portfolio 4b

portfolio 4c

I kept the same colors as version three but went with a different font. I made sure to make it responsive.


This is my fifth iteration. It might not seem like much but compared to the first one this is a massive leap forward and I’m proud of the fact that it only took a year. This iteration is version controlled on Github and built on Jekyll to avoid having a database (which was more for fun than for actual security).

The colors were inspired by a Japanese water color art piece and the fonts used are the two fonts I can’t seem to get away from: Omnes Pro and Merriweather.

All this to say I am proud of what I made and I’m sure I’ll continue to add to it as I keep learning.