I get a headache every time I visit a bands website. Most bands seem to be stuck in the 90’s when it comes to web design and their content. Musicians should take their website more seriously now that their control is limited to a thumbnail picture on the latest music streaming client.

I was in a band in my late teens, early twenties and still have many friends deeply involved in that kind of lifestyle all with mixed levels of success. I understand the lack of money and, not so much an excuse anymore, lack of knowledge when it comes to technology. But given that the band’s website is one of the last things that they actually have complete control of it should be placed at the top of the priority list.

Startups vs Bands

I’ve always been amazed at how similar a startup is to a starting band.

  • They both have an idea that needs to be distributed
  • Tight budget
  • Communication with fan/user base is crucial

The startup can have an app or a product launch in various platforms and distributed in different places but you can always count on finding more information about the product on the product’s webpage.

The band websites haven’t realized that content comes before design. Something that has become a mantra for the tech world.

The Hub

The band website should be the hub of all content related to the band. I can see how some people might think “They can just watch the music video on YouTube, why does it matter if it's on the site?” or “They can read about the band on Wikipedia.”

Fair point.

But do people have the same thoughts about software products? When I want to learn more about a product I go to the product website and expect to find a hub of information about that product. That’s what a band website should be: a hub of content. I've been to too many sites where the style detracts from the content and even keeps me from accessing the content.

I love both music and web design too much to not see them play well together. Lets change that.